Let’s dance at your wedding with The Best Step2Step Dance Studio Wedding Choreographers in Tricity

Why Step2Step Dance Studio?

Step2Step Dance Studio Wedding Choreography is a complete tailored course in learning the timeless moves and dances of motion, partnering, and modern dance. A wedding is far more than a mere ceremony. Step2step Dance Studio specializes in choreography for these special moments to make your wedding complete.

Watch our beautifully choreographed couple dance videos

Beautiful Couple Dance by Mom & Dad at Sangeet Ceremony on Bollywood Songs

Beautiful Dance By Couple on 25th Anniversary on Bollywood Songs

Never dance before? Let's dance now...😊

Step2Step Dance Studio is here to help you step it up and take your wedding dance to the next level! Your DJ or other live entertainment can be a great addition to your wedding day but if you have no idea how to dance, don’t worry because our certified instructors will teach you all the basics of dance including how to do the hustle, shimmy, and more! Our experienced instructors will show you awesome choreography for you and your guests that highlights two facts about the bride and groom that deserve recognition.

Couple Dance By Bhaiya & Bhahbi at Ladies Sangeet | Main Rang Sharbaton

Do you really need any prior experience in Dance 🤔

Wedding Choreography is all about making your special moments more memorable. You just do not need to have any prior experience in dance, step2step is here to teach you the dance performance as per the occasion. Dance as said is a hidden language to express your emotions with the vocabulary of the music and rhythm. Make your moves to express your happiness to your loved ones. Celebrate each moment and make it memorable with our dance choreography worry-free prior dance experience.


Step2Step Dance Studio provides the best wedding choreography in India. We are here to guide you completely with the tailored choreography. Make your ceremonies more special by performing. we’re extremely passionate about dance and are here to help you find the right dance partner or team for your special occasion. Every effort is taken to ensure that our quality standards are high and meet the highest standards of dance performance given by our clients.

How much time does it take to learn to dance?

A wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in your life. It’s an occasion of making someone special to you, and it’s a chance for you to celebrate being part of a community and sharing with everyone else from your family. The dances are an important part of that celebration. You don’t have to spend months learning dance before your wedding.

At Step2Step Dance Studio, our team of professional and experienced dance instructors will guide you and your guests through a series of unique dance forms, starting with the basics and working up to the latest. As you and your guests learn new moves and master their performance, you’ll be guaranteed to be the most talked about couple at your wedding!

Step2Step dance studio will take care of all the technicalities such as teaching dance, getting necessary documents done, rehearsals for days before the actual performance date, etc and make your special occasions more memorable with our wedding choreography lessons.

Join our step2step dance studio to provide you with the best dance choreography that speaks to your emotions through the vocabulary of music and rhythm. No matter what your occasion is, let us help you make it special.

Do you provide training at Home?

Step2Step Dance Studio Wedding Choreography dance forms help you to take your Special Day to another level. Step2Step Dance Studio does not bind you to a particular place for learning. We are flexible in sending our dance teacher to your place where you can learn and maintain your dance practice for the wedding.

Step2Step Dance Studio offers an assortment of wedding choreographies, from the most extravagant and creative to the more low-key, classic styles. Our choreographers can help you create the perfect dance for your upcoming event.

Couple Dance Performance On Punjabi Songs | Choreography By Step2Step Dance Studio | Easy Steps

How much does it cost to choreograph a wedding dance?

Step2Step Dance Studio is proud to offer you the finest choreography services in Tricity at an affordable price. Our professional staff will work with you to create a unique style that reflects your personality and reflects your personalities as well as their relationship. We offer you complete customization in terms of music selection, dance style, dress and accessory choices, etc. so that your day will be truly memorable!

Step2Step Dance Studio believes that every couple deserves an unforgettable wedding! We also believe that every couple should be able to afford it! To this end, we are happy to offer our services at an affordable price point without compromising on quality or service standards. Step2Step Wedding Choreography classes are scheduled with all class fees charged at the minimum cost of ₹4000 which includes all services according to the package and experience.

We promise you will be pleased with the results!

What's included in the Wedding Choreography package?

Step2Step Dance Studio The Best Wedding Choreography Service’s mission is to help couples create memories that will last a lifetime! Step2Step offers various wedding packages that include music selection, styling, editing, and delivery of video footage as well as other services for every stage of planning your big day!

To help you decide which package best suits your needs, we have created this guide on how to choose between our different services:

Music Selection – choose from classical music or pop songs, depending on what type of mood you want your wedding event to have;

Styling – pick from our stylish photo shoots or let us create custom content for you;

Editing – edit all footage yourself or have us edit it for you in our studios;

Delivery – choose between DVD duplication or hard drive duplication (in addition to hard drive delivery);


Step2Step Dance Studio Wedding Choreography is the ultimate guide to making your wedding dance an occasion to remember forever.

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