4 Latest Wedding Dance Trends you should definitely try for the Big Day

When it comes to dancing, we, Indians, don’t really need a reason to kick off our heels and break into a jig. There is nothing more fun than dancing with your family and friends to desi beats along with lots of tashan! So, it only makes sense that weddings, our biggest celebrations, be infused with choreography to have some synchronized thumkas. Professional choreography in weddings has come a long way. It can be as basic as hiring someone to teach you or join Bollywood dance classes in Chandigarh to teach you a medley of 3-4 songs, to let go of your reluctance and encourage you to dance in front of a crowd.


For the more adventurous, here is the classic and the new in the realm of wedding choreography

The Welcome Dance

Let us admit it. As kids, we all saw Cinderella dance with Prince at the ball, can’t we think of welcoming the couple and making them feel special. Choose from an elegant, fairy tale ballroom dance to a wacky Bollywood number with your family and friends, you could choose from Jive, Salsa, Bhangra, Bollywood along with various cool choreographed entries which are now becoming extremely popular.

The Good Old Bollywood Medley

If you don’t have a lot of time, energy, resources, patience, etc. to come up with an extravagant musical evening, or do you have over enthusiastic Aunt’s, friends, younger siblings, friends of siblings who have had plans of dancing at your wedding since you were 16? Then go for a basic Bollywood medley comprising of 7-8 songs. It is short and sweet and will put a big smile on your Aunts’ face.

Say Hello to Story Telling ( The Story Teller Dance)

Weddings are the extension of your personality, where you are always looking for ways to make the invitations, the entertainment, and the decor very individual and creative. So, it only makes sense that the next step in our wedding celebrations would be to infuse poetry, storytelling, and audiovisuals with choreography. There are a lot of options such as personalized concepts, theme based musical evening, mini-movies, etc.

The Lip Dub

This is a fun, colorful and entertaining wedding concept, and the best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of preparation time. All you need is a good video team and extremely talented and spontaneous choreographer from Bhangra academy in Mohali who can bring out the performer in you on the spot.

A dance floor with color changing LED lights will probably give you a feeling of being on top of the world and add some jazz to the traditional Bollywood medley with the LED shimmering dance floor.

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