Popping and Locking classes in Mohali and Chandigarh.

Inspired from hip hop, dubstep, and other form of modern dance moves for a long time. Popping and locking are dance styles that differ from each other in their movements. While these both dance forms tend to twist, popping and locking are combined style of dance that has a very different rhythm. This unique move is the combo of two movements: the pop and the lock.

What Is Popping and Locking?

Popping has its roots from Fresno, California, and is the production of Sam “Boogaloo Sam” of the group Electric Boogaloos.
Locking is the created by Don Campbell, a member of the Lockers, a Los Angeles group. These two moves are combined to form a basis for dubstep, hip hop, and contemporary dancers to fall into their choreography. Here’s a guide process to help you understand this form and how you can learn popping and locking game so you can be better and create more dances.

Practice Popping With Some primary Moves Dive into perfecting your popping by learning some of the basics.

First of all, popping includes contracting and relaxing your muscles, creating a effect when you put it to the beat of the music you’re dancing to. You can use popping in quick successions or in slow and controlled movements to add emphasis to certain beats in the music.

The Forearm Hit

To get the hang of Popping and locking, begin with a basic forearm hit or forearm pop. Just relax and contract the of your forearm’s muscles to feel the music and the beat of the music, song can be either fast hits or slow hits to show the different points in the rhythm of song and dance that you want to make stand out in your dance.

The Chest Pop

When you are performing chest pop, you are doing one thing as you do with a forearm hit, except the movement is in your chest muscles. Contract your chest inward, where it feels like you’re jerking your body inwards, but keep it under your control. Relax your chest muscle’s tension in as soon as you contract, and repeat the same motion in the pattern you need for yourself as choreography.

Play with this same move by relaxing and contracting the muscles in your chest as you just shift your body parts in various directions during your dance routine. Combine your forearm hits and your chest pops to create a flow with music. You can use these two Popping and locking moves to form the basis of other moves you put into your dances.

Next Comes Locking

Locking is just stopping right in the middle of a quick movement and holding that position for a moment before flowing back into your dance. It’s pretty easy to do. Just go through your routine and put these stops at different points in the music that you want to accent with your body. Freeze your dance in a position that drives your choreography to the rhythm, hold it for a couple of beats, and continue the routine. Here are some signature lock dance moves you can practice to hone your skills as a dubstep or hip hop dancer.

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