Party Dance classes in Mohali and Chandigarh.

Party dance is an informal dance style. It is a pleasure to know some of the trending party dance steps. When it is the time to show them off at a night party, ladies’ sangeet, or a family function. The party dance is one of the informal forms of dancing where enjoyment is the basic criterion. The rule for this dance is to have enough confidence and the ability to pull off anything.
In today’s time dance is an essential for any occasion whether it wedding, birthday party, cultural party or any celebration. In this dance form Step2Step Dance Studio make students learn 15 steps on any songs which are very easy and can be performed at any celebration. Course of Party Dance classes ranges upto 3 months (maximum).

How to Dance At A Club (Or A Party)

1. Find the beat/rhythm as you make your way towards the dance floor
Don’t expect yourself to bust out a Step Up routine out of nowhere as soon as you step foot on the dance floor.
This isn’t a movie! Start small – really small – by just bobbing your head to the beat.
Do this before you even get on the dance floor. Think of it this way: Music is the one thing that lubricates the whole experience of being at the club.
It sets the mood as soon as you walk in until the moment you walk out. You have to be comfortable with the music first.
So start interacting with the music right away. You can listen and nod your head a you’re holding your drink, hanging with a friend, or even sitting down.
This is an easy way to set yourself up for success on the dance floor before you even start dancing.
Your body will already have a handle on the rhythm, so you’re more likely to stay on beat by the time you do get your feet steppin’.
Watch this video to learn how to find and count beats in music:

2. Start with a small bounce / groove
Once you’re on, or around, the dance floor, start bouncing with your whole body.
Think of this bounce as a bigger version of your head bob. You’re still moving to that same rhythm, but now with your knees, core, and chest.
You know how a baby bounces on his knees when he hears a song he likes? Like that, but not as jolt-y.
Ease into those bounces calmly, then slowly build up your energy. This helps make your dancing look more natural.

3. Learn simple steps
Got a handle on the music? Great.
Started bouncing with your body? Check. Now, let’s get your feet moving!
But wait – you won’t know which foot to step where without any practice.
So learn a few basic dance steps before you go to dance at a club.

4. Let loose
Now that you’ve got the basics of dance down, it’s time to put on a few finishing touches to make sure you look comfortable and confident with every move.

5. Join the party
By this point, you’ve got a handle on dancing 1. on beat 2. with your whole body 3. using steps.
But you didn’t come to dance at a club to do all this alone!
Once you have that base, dance with the people around you.
If you’re in a crowd or a group of friends, then you can play off of their movements and energy.
Mimic the moves your friends are doing, lip sync with them, rap Nicki’s entire verse in Motor Sport from memory.
And if the DJ or song lyrics tell you to do something (like put your hands up or jump), then do it!
These are little things you can’t predict or practice – remember that you’re out to have fun, not to play DDR in your head.
Grinding (or whatever you call it) on someone is its own topic – but whether you’re dancing with one person or a whole group of people, the most important thing to do is to… Stay in rhythm!
You and your partner or friends could be doing totally different things. They could be jumping while you’re pumping your arms.
She could be swaying side to side as you’re 2-stepping.
But as long as you’re moving to the same beat, it’ll still feel like you’re dancing together.
(The closer you physically get, though, the more similar you want your movements to be so that you don’t end up hitting each other or creating friction between your moves. Dance with them!)

I hope these tips help you kiss those insecurities goodbye!
Follow these 5 steps and you’ll realize that it’s possible, and actually quite easy, to dance at a club.
You just need the right resources, some practice, and a dash of confidence. 😉
Have fun!

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