Hip-Hop Dance classes in Mohali and Chandigrah.

Hip-hop is a dance form that includes many dance forms such as jazz, rock, tap. It also known as street dance and it needs day and night of practice to just master its key steps. Steps or movement may seem simple to others but when they are performed in real its bit difficult, the backstage practice and lots and lots of efforts leads to result of outcome and turn out to be perfect performance. Most teenagers prefer Hip-Hop dance as very energetic form of dance.

Hip-Hop Dance is a style or form of dance which is characterized by rocks and bounces executed on Hip-Hop music. This dance form has deep historical and social roots of African and American culture.

Hip-Hop was introduced in year 1970 and till then it has never faded up and when we talk about it now, it includes far too many styles on the list. Hip-Hop is a fresh, an edgy, and powerful form of dance style. In initials of Hip-Hop locking and popping, Hip Hop is mostly performed to rap, and hip hop music. Funky sneakers are normally worn by hip-hop dancers.

Difference between Hip Hop and other dance styles?

Hip Hop dance classes near me:

Hip hop is an open style of dance that is free to own its expression, most interesting fact about Hip-Hop dancers are that they are free to interpret the dance in any way they could, and can start with their own steps in middle of that and this lead to several creations, innovative and interesting dance styles.

Hip Hop dance studios near me will agree that these are the nine most important forms of Hip Hop:

1) B-boying (Breakdancing)

B-boying (Breakdancing) is one of the very original styles of Hip- Hop, B-boying or Breakdance is characterized by footwork, upright movements, acrobatic Vigour Movements, and Dancers also punctuate their routines with a movement known as the Freeze.

2) Locking and Popping

While technically these two are different but same styles, Locking and Popping usually go hand in hand. Locking is all about fast actions, sharp pauses, and extravagant gestures. Popping, on the other hand, is bit bouncy style that demands extreme counter-tempo.

3) Funk

Funk is a partnership of Disco and Soul, uses sharp moves and blend of fluid and it is extremely choreographed. Funk dance form is frequently combined with Locking and Popping.

4) Up rock

Up rock is blend of many dance forms that result into soulful dances. Typically, up rock dance style includes:

5) Liquid Dance

Liquid Dance as its title implies, is a fluid delicate dance with a centre on the palms and arms. It includes some forms of pantomime and only exceptional dancers can use a range of body moves.

6) Boogaloo

Boogaloo is another fluid-like dance style, as directed by Hip Hop dance classes near me, uses the complete body sliping smoothly like butter, often with the rolling movements of the hips, head, and knees.

7) Reggae

If we had to pick a sensuality Hip Hop style then it would be Reggae for instance its Latin influences mixed with more modern Hip Hop moves set to the Reggae music modern evolution.

8) Lyrical

Lyrical is one of the unique Hip Hop style that is basically a story telling through dance and is danced on each word of the music instead of the beat. It is mostly fluid and more interpretive than other styles of Hip Hop.

9) Stepping

Stepping is performed in group that includes body actions to create percussive beats. Stepping dance form is accomplished through:

Top Bollywood Hip Hop Songs from last 10 years:

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