Tak Dhina Dhin Dhin Mera Wala Dance

This event, organized by Step2Step Dance Studio, wasn’t just about entertainment; it was a platform for dancers to express themselves through group performances. With captivating routines set to trending Bollywood and Bhangra beats, the stage pulsed with energy as over 120 participants showcased their talent. Each group brought its unique flair, turning the show into a vibrant celebration of dance. Every performer received recognition with trophies and certificates, adding to the sense of accomplishment and unity. ‘Tak Dhina Dhin Dhin Mera Wala Dance’ wasn’t just a show; it was a testament to the power of dance to unite and uplift.”
Date: 28th April, 2019
Venue: Government College Auditorium, Sector 46 Chandigarh
Sponsors: Kapsons / Dr. Batra’s, and Wiggle Media


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