Every 1 Can Dance: The Revolution of Dance Season 5

On June 29th, 2019, the stage came alive at Rendezvous Auditorium, Shemrock School, Mohali, for ‘Every 1 Can Dance: The Revolution of Dance Season 5’. Following the success of our past seasons, this event marked the return of a beloved tradition and also served as the finale to our summer dance camp. With over 150 participants aged 3 to 55, the four-hour event showcased a variety of performances, including solos, groups, and duets, featuring Bollywood, classical, folk, hip-hop, and more. Every participant received trophies and certificates to celebrate their hard work and talent. The event received praise from all attendees, and the media coverage helped spread the joy of dance even further. Organized by Step2Step Dance Studio, this event wasn’t just about dance; it was about bringing people together and having fun!
Date: 29 th June 2019
Venue: Government College Auditorium, Sector 46 Chandigarh


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