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Contemporary dance is a modern form of dance. It emerged in the mid-twentieth century and is popular dance form in the USA and Europe. This dance is all about emotions and expressions which aims to showcase inner emotions to the viewers. The dancers are free to express their emotions strongly whether it is happy, depressed, or emotional. Emotions make to communicate throughout to the audience.

Key features of contemporary dance?

Unlike traditional forms of dance, contemporary dance is considered to be not tied up by much rules and rigidity. Contemporary dancers have the ability to modify a performance based on their own interpretations. This is achieved through sharpen in certain techniques, such as concentrating on powerful ballet-influenced leg movements, floor work and further improvisational elements, fall and recovery. Contemporary dance is performed barefoot to achieve more fluidity in movement and connection to the dance surface.
Element of improvisation is the one of the most important aspects of contemporary dance. While some of dance styles such as ballet can be quite rigid and structured, but contemporary dance purely relies on fluidity and improvisational movement to induce a range of feelings in the eyes of viewer. It also offers the dancer the ultimate creative freedom to perform an emotive part that identifies with them.
Modern-day contemporary dance is especially analytical and has many applications to it. Traditional dance forms are very popular, contemporary dance is more often been used as art, in theatre, music videos, movies and more. The versatility of the same allows the dancer to form steps in storyline and music to form unique characters and entire performances that stray it away from traditional methods of storytelling.

History of contemporary dance start and who created it?

Contemporary dance was not started by any particular individual, there were many key pioneers to this movement. Modern dance took off during the 20th century. Earlier, theatrical dance performances were only limited to ballet, which was popular in the entire US and Europe at the same time. This scenario slowly began to change, with renowned dancers of the time beginning to move away from the methods of traditional ballet.
Assuredly the most prolific contributor, Merce Cunningham was an American choreographer and dancer who was at the forefront of American modern dance for more than half a century during the 1900s.
His beforehand choreography pushed away the boundaries of modern dance and attempted to eradicate the gap between music and dance. Over the years, his approach developed to be known as the Cunningham Technique, which was only used to train dancers at his company. This defined technique brought together several key components of contemporary dance, such as legwork coordination and torso, spatial awareness, erratic and rhythmic accuracy changes in speed and direction.

Best Indian contemporary dancers:

How we can learn Contemporary Dance?

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There is a huge amount of content on online platforms to help, including tutorials, walkthroughs, and video guides.
However, in order to learn proper techniques of Contemporary dance, you may want to join a dance class or dance studio that teaches contemporary dance and Step2Step Dance Studio provides the best contemporary dance classes in Punjab and Chandigarh. Proper training and feedback on your dance performance is very professional and best for the real dance learners. Trained under instructor will help you more to go beyond to your ability. Whether you are learning contemporary dance of your own at your home or receiving formal training, warm up is very important and with the right equipment. Step2Step Dance Studio Floors offer professional piece of art and dance floors perfect for practising contemporary movement.

5 Characteristics of a Contemporary Dance

We are discussing 5 main characteristics of Contemporary Dance.
This named is given after choreographer and teacher Cunningham. This style need focus on the structure of the space, body in rhythm, and articulation. Merce suggested the idea of the body’s own “line of energy” to promote natural movements and easy movement.

1. Graham

This was name given after Martha Graham. This style basically focuses on the use of release, contraction, recovery, and fall. Graham distinguishes the form by floor work and the use of abdominal contractions and pelvic. The style is much basic and the technique is visibly slender and graceful, airborne ideals of ballet.

2. Limon

This was named after Jose Limon who was a dancer and choreographer who introduced what is now called as ‘Limón technique’. It includes exploring the usage of energy with relation to gravity and working with weight in terms of suspension and recovery fall, rebound. Limon technique uses the sense of weight in the body and, “heavy energy” and movement is initiated using breath to lift, and swings through the body to create and halt movement and thus it feels very nice to perform.

3. Release

Placing importance on minimizing stress in the search for clarity and fluidity and most importantly the efficient use of breath and energy. In Release technique, we release the muscles and joints to create ease in movement, releasing the breath to support the release of the body. It is dance style as well as a great relaxation technique.

4. Improvisation

It mainly targets the relationship between performance and movements and on the investigation of movements. Development of individual movement material is possible through a variety of creative explorations.

5. Contact Improvisation

Contact improvisation is a duet dance form characterized by touch weight exchange, and fluid movement. Dancers improvise the dance using the natural movement of the body.

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